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Dec 5, 2023
⚠️Rules to follow before selling in this area:⚠️
  • Sellers should always state their asking price in the post.
  • Note: price must be listed, as "auctioning" the item is not permitted. Accepted forms of payment must be listed.
  • You should definitely add pictures of the product you want to sell.
  • You must specify the location of the product you sell.
  • Photo requirements: every part listed for sale MUST have at least one or more photos (not links to photos or thumbnails) with a clear in-focus shot of both the item for sale and a handwritten tag (not photoshopped/computer-generated/typed/iPhone etc) included.
  • Pertinent information must be included about the part for sale.
  • If you are selling a used parts for more than a member can buy it new, you need to give detailed reasons why.
  • Any and all forms of payment are now accepted between buyer and seller. This is due to a vast array of payment types being available worldwide as a convenience to you. PayPal "gift" is now permitted but not encouraged.
  • Please pay accordingly to the seller in a timely manner. Accept and trust that the seller will, in good faith, pack and ship your wares carefully for it's travel to you. Always use tracking of some type so it can be traced.
We are never responsible for sales on the forum. Please be very careful when buying or selling. We have no protection against any fraud other than the forum rules.

For Sale/Trade Template
Item name (be very descriptive):
Age and condition:
Do you include packaging: Yes/No
Warranty: Yes/No
Reason for selling:
Negotiable: Yes/No
Shipping or collection:
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